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For more than 25 years, Hefren-Tillotson has helped investors manage their financial future with Your Money & You, our weekly radio show matching our financial advisors with your questions on investments, taxes, current market news, and more.

Each week’s show begins with a roundup of the week’s financial markets, followed by answers to listener questions relating to investments, taxes, financial planning, estate planning and any other topic relating to money and finances.

Host Jim Meredith and co-hosts Kurt Carlson, Jayme Meredith, Belynda Slaugenhaupt, Ray Ballantine and Tyler Vallano have helped thousands of listeners gain financial insight over the years. Jim Meredith is ranked on Barron's Top 100 Independent Wealth Advisors in America for 2015 and ranked 7th on Barron's Top Financial Advisors in Pennsylvania for 2016.

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Your Money & You

May 21, 2017
Your Money & You
May 14, 2017
Your Money & You
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Your Money & You
Apr 30, 2017
Your Money & You

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May 21, 2017
Ask The Advisor

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