Take Control of Your Financial Future. Our MASTERPLAN® approach puts you on the path to your financial goals. Meticulous wealth management since 1948.

Take the first step for your financial future.

Meet with a Hefren-Tillotson advisor to design an investment plan that fits your needs and achieves your goals.



We learn about you and help gather documents.

Getting to know you is one of the most important steps in the MASTERPLAN financial planning process. Your beliefs about life, your ideas about money and your personal values will shape the plan we ultimately create for you.



Set your goals, priorities, and risk tolerance.

By looking at your unique situation and asking the right questions, we’ll begin to envision the financial plan that best suits your short- and long-term needs.



A written personal financial plan

Your plan will be as unique as your fingerprint. You’ll receive it in writing and rest assured, as a privately-held firm, we’ve chosen from among the best world-class money managers and securities without the conflicts of interest or restrictions involved with the proprietary products you’ll find at other financial planning firms.



Plan and adjust as situations change

Now we put it into action, taking care to be completely objective in managing your investments. Because the MASTERPLAN financial planning process is a personal investment in who you are as an investor and as a person, it’s likely to evolve with you, and as new considerations arise. That’s the power of the MASTERPLAN approach.

Masterplan 101

Get educated on your investments

MASTERPLAN 101 will acquaint you with the basics of the investment world. Each month, a new lesson will be released featuring the most commonly used financial topics and themes. Available at no-cost and no-obligation.

Lesson 10

Millennials & Money: By the Numbers

Masterplan 101

Lesson 9

Life Insurance – Getting It and Getting It Right!

Masterplan 101

Lesson 8

Retirement – America’s #1 Financial Priority

Masterplan 101

Lesson 7

Estate Planning: Essential Estate-Planning Documents

Masterplan 101

Lesson 6

College Funding – The HIGH Cost of HIGHER Education

Masterplan 101

Lesson 5

Women & Money: By the Numbers

Masterplan 101

Lesson 4

401(k): The Leading Force in Retirement Plans

Masterplan 101

Lesson 3

Individual Retirement Account: The name says it all

Masterplan 101

Lesson 2

Mutual Funds: An Investor Favorite

Masterplan 101

Lesson 1

Stocks, Bonds, Cash: The Basic Asset Classes

Masterplan 101

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