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How to Become a Client

Thursday, October 20, 2022
12:00 pm, 5:00 pm

This webinar is an open conversation providing an introduction to Hefren-Tillotson while also detailing the process of becoming a client.

In this discussion we will touch upon:

  • Our approach to financial planning and investment management
  • The process of opening and funding new accounts
  • Transferring investments from your current firm to Hefren-Tillotson
  • How we manage investments to an individual’s goals and objectives
  • Defining the ongoing relationship with your trusted Hefren-Tillotson advisor
  • What are the costs and fees

You should consider attending if any of the following describes your situation:

  • You have been putting off a serious conversation about your investments 
  • You have had questions about the financial situation of your family or business
  • You are currently working with an advisor, but considering a change
  • You have changed jobs with assets still in a former employer’s retirement plan
  • You have never spoken to a professional about investing
  • You are approaching retirement

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