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How To Capitalize on Today’s Bond Market

The tradeoff between risk and return is a foundational investing concept.  To generate return, investors must be willing to accept risk.  Conversely, investors who wish to avoid risk altogether can’t expect to generate a meaningful return.

Today’s bond market offers investors an unusual set of tradeoffs in this regard.  Yields on 2- and 10-year treasury bonds are very similar today, meaning investors can generate nearly as much return by owning a 2 year bond (2.6%) as a 10-year bond (2.85%), but with a fraction of the risk.

“Duration” is a unit of risk that measures how much a bond’s price goes up or down in response to interest rate movements.  The 2-year treasury has a duration of 1.9, meaning it would fall in price approximately 1.9% in response to a 1% rise in interest rates.  By comparison, the 10-year treasury would be expected to fall 8.6% in price if rates were to rise 1%.  To us, this means investors have an incentive today to tilt bond portfolios toward shorter term maturities.

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