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Good News for Borrowers and Savers

The rates on long term treasury bonds are little changed since the Fed began raising its benchmark rate in December 2015. The 30-year Treasury is 3.0% today, precisely where it was when the Fed began to hike.

In contrast, short term interest rates have risen meaningfully. Three-month LIBOR (a common measure of short-term rates) has risen from 0.5% in December 2015 to 1.15% today.

Taken together, these developments are good for both borrowers and savers. Many loans, including mortgages, are based on long-term interest rates. The average 30-year fixed mortgage rate is 4.0% today, up only fractionally from 3.9% in December 2015.

On the flipside, for the first time in a decade, savers are able to obtain non-negligible yields on short-term holdings, including ultra-short bond funds that now yield north of 1%. We are increasingly looking for opportunities to incorporate these vehicles into client accounts, where appropriate.



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