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Budgeting and Why It Is Important

Budgeting is something everyone needs to do. However, most people do not make it a priority. According to a poll conducted by, the number of Americans who budget is actually decreasing – down 3% from last year. In 2019, only 67% of Americans are budgeting. What is even more frightening is when people were asked, “Should everyone budget?” and only 25% said yes.

Those numbers are both surprising and startling. With the average American household holding approximately $132,000 of debt and 78% of U.S. workers living paycheck to paycheck, it is imperative to know how much money is coming in and going out each month. You don’t want to live in debt forever. To ensure financial freedom for now and in the future, budgeting is not just important – it is essential.

The Lack of Budgeting Affects Everyone

Basically, everyone is over-spending, but women tend to spend less over their monthly budget. Interestingly though, women are much less comfortable dealing with, and understanding their finances. My mission is to help them become financially literate. Because of my background in education, I enjoy teaching women how to gain control, and truly understand their finances. And what better way to learn than in a group setting surrounded by peers that are in a very similar situation? 

I will be presenting the seminar, “Little Black Dress Approved – The Basics of Budgeting,” to help women learn to budget appropriately.

If you are ready to take that first step, please come and join me on Wednesday, January 29 at 6:00 p.m., at our North Hills office location in Wexford. My goal is to make it a relaxed and informative evening for you, your friends and anyone you know that can benefit.

To register … click here! Or you can contact me directly through email at or call 412-633-1671. I look forward to a wonderful evening fun and learning!

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